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David Letterman Tells Oprah He Is Trying To Figure Out What Made Him Cheat On His Wife



Dave’s Mistress


Dailymail – David Letterman may have been forced to admit to a string of affairs live on air by a blackmailing producer, but the Late Show host has said no one is to blame for the fallout but himself. The talk show host has opened up about his indiscretions with female employees and how they rocked television – and his marriage – in a tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey. ‘I have no one to blame but myself,’ Letterman told Winfrey in the interview which will air on Sunday on the Oprah Winfrey Network. ‘And now, I feel better about myself, my relationship with my wife is never better, and it’s just because I want to be the person I always thought I was and probably was pretending I was. And so far, it’s been great. Things have been great. ‘I hurt a lot of people. I have nobody to blame but myself. I’m not looking to blame anybody. I’m looking to find out why I behaved the way I behaved.’

I always thought David Letterman was a smart guy. I guess not? I mean is he serious with this statement “I’m looking to find out why I behaved the way I behaved?” Really Dave? Umm have you seen your wife? She’s fucking hideous. So that is why you cheated on her with your staffers. Because you can. It’s the same reason virtually everybody who is rich and famous cheats. Hell even if you had a hot wife you’d probably still cheat, but a gross wife makes it a no brainer. That’s just how it goes when you’re rich and powerful. You fuck bitches. That’s the whole point. You’re not the first one. You’re not the last. If you want to apologize for something apologize for getting caught. Or for the fact that the chick you were banging isn’t that hot either. Seriously he couldn’t pull better mistress tail than this? Kind of pathetic. Because I don’t care how ugly or old  or how big a nose you got fnny and rich puts asses in the seats.