The NBA Should Be Ashamed Of Themselves For What They Did To Trae Young

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The NBA has a certain reputation of being a soft league, and while I try and do my best to defend that notion, after witnessing what the officials did to Trae Young in last night’s Hawks/Bulls game I don’t know how I could possibly spin that narrative. If you didn’t see what happened it started in the first half when Trae Young and Kris Dunn got into it in the first quarter

Kris Dunn obviously didn’t appreciate the after the whistle shot and little touch that Young gave him. Fine, whatever these type of fake NBA fights happen all the time. Give each guy a tech and move on. Obviously not the first time we’ve see something like this happen, but not really that big a deal. The issue came in  the beginning of the third quarter when Trae Young came down and hit this three from the logo

If you’ve been watching Young play recently you know that not only is he on absolute fire shooting then basketball, but he’s making it a habit of hitting these logo threes. Not only does he make the three right in Dunn’s face, but he gives him a nice, innocent stare down as he walks back to his bench. I don’t really consider that taunting, he didn’t make some sort of aggressive move in the face of the opponent or anything  like that, he just stood there and mumbled to himself. Well that was apparently enough to warrant his second technical, which kicked him out of the game.

You have got to be kidding me with that shit. I could not think of a more soft call and situation than that tech right there. How does the league even defend that? Are they really going  to call that taunting or something? What happened to being allowed to play this game with some emotion? Now you can’t even hit a dagger three in someone’s face who you are sort of beefing with and just stand there. Think about that for a second. What an absolute disgrace, and just like with Boogie last week I would not be surprised if the league rescinded that tech.

In my opinion, if you don’t want to get stared down, pick up Young earlier as soon as he crosses half court. This is supposed to be a league that’s all about entertainment, and now it’s turning into the No Fun League. Meanwhile every time Steph Curry hits a 35 ft three he dances and mocks right in the face of everyone in the arena and it’s no big deal. Seems like a double standard for me. Even the guy Young did this against didn’t even have a problem with it!

They basically tossed him for hurting Kris Dunn’s feelings. If that’s not the epitome of soft, then I don’t know what is. Grow up NBA, and fix your goddamn officiating because it is clear they are drunk with power and hate fun and it’s ruining the league I love.