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Snoop Is Selling His Lakers Box Seats For $5 Because 'These Sorry Motherfuckers Ain't Gonna Do Shit'

Welp, sorry to hear about this. Luke Walton just got fired. Everyone but LeBron is traded. Snoop is selling his box for $5. That settles it.

You don’t just come waltzing into Los Angeles and underperform under Snoop’s watch. You better be prepared for titles and at least competing. But, I love this from Snoop. Every fan has been in this stage at some point with their team.

Fuck this shit.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said that about one of my teams. You just sit there and start to rationalize about who needs to go for the change. You immediately start with the coach and I mean, especially if you’re a Lakers fan.

The funniest thing about this whole video though is him calling every other Laker a goofball. Like that’s where he draws the line on the profanities. Nah, they are just goofballs. That’s the hardest I laughed at an unintentional funny bit in quite some time.