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Video Of An Avalanche Fully Engulfing A Highway In Colorado Is Some Wild Shit

Low key one of the craziest videos of all time. I don’t want to call it a Must Watch because it’s not but it might be an Avalanche Must Watch. The avalanche swallowed that highway whole like it was nothing! Poof! Gone! It all happened so fast. One second there wasn’t an avalanche on the highway and the next second there was no highway. The person filming had to throw the car in reverse because they weren’t sure where the avalanche was gonna stop. ABC’s caption says they got out alive so I guess we’ll take their word for it.

How common of an occurrence is this in Colorado? Was this nothing to them? I’d like to know if this was a huge deal or if Coloradians were grabbing their snowboards to shred the powder. An avalanche blocking out an entire highway could happen every week there for all I know. What I do know is I’ve never seen a video of it before. Fucking wild.

It’s moments like that where you realize Mother Earth is a bad bitch who could wipe us out without breaking a sweat. We take all these precautions. We drive safe cars, we wear seat belts, we have to pass a test to get our driver’s license, we eat our vegetables and drink lots of water but then one day Mrs. Nature can just be like, “Avalanche. Highway.” and you’re dead. Buried under 30 feet of snow and you’re dead. Stunning that nobody died or got trapped. STUNNING.

By the way we’re gonna need this car’s video ASAP

Screen Shot 2019-03-03 at 10.00.50 PM

Screen Shot 2019-03-03 at 10.01.34 PM

He gone.