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And The Pussification of America Continues: 3 Star Army General Forced To Retire For Bullying


WASHINGTON Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has permitted a three-star Army general accused of bullying subordinates to retire without a demotion in rank, the Pentagon said Wednesday. A Pentagon spokesman, Navy Lt. Cmdr. Nate Christensen, said Lt. Gen. Patrick O’Reilly was placed on the retirement rolls Tuesday. A Pentagon inspector general’s investigation last year found that O’Reilly regularly yelled and screamed at subordinates, often in public, demeaned and belittled employees and behaved in such a way as to result in the departure of at least six senior staffers from the Missile Defense Agency during his time as its director. Panetta determined that O’Reilly had met the basic standard for being allowed to retire without a loss in rank, which is that he “served satisfactorily” as a three-star.

Usually I lay it on pretty thick with my Pussification of America stories. I talk about how Putin is going to invade the US blah, blah, blah. Well this time I’m serious. Like it’s one thing when we have these pussification stories in high schools and colleges and shit, but in the US Military? A 3 star General being forced to retire for yelling at his subordinates in public? What planet am I on? Isn’t that what you do in the Military? I mean every single military movie I’ve ever seen in my entire life is just Generals screaming at the subordinates. That’s how you toughen em up. Bottomline is if you are in the military and you get your feelings hurt because somebody yells at you than you are in the wrong line of business and worse yet you are putting America at risk. Because trust me when Al Qaeda blows you up they don’t care if they hurt your feelings or not. This isn’t just a Pussification of America story. This is a National Security issue.