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Bizarre Scene After Utah State Upset Nevada - Players Punching Glass And Coaches Screaming About Fans Hitting Players

Well this is an absolutely bizarre scene. Utah State and Nevada played a close game – not great because refs ruined it – but a close game resulting in a Utah State upset. But, that’s hardly the story. The story is what happened after and it’s all laid out above.

Here’s the thing. Court storms are a weird thing. You never know what happens when you’re on the road and opposing fans are storming the court. Do things happen? Yeah, more likely than not. What’s the answer? I have no idea. I’m cool with court stormings. They are fun. They let the kids (both athletes and students) interact and enjoy the upset together. It’s part of what makes college sports the best.

But, here’s what I do know. This shouldn’t be a charge:

Credit to Utah State. They won the game. But, this is a shameful call and why I hate charges. Imagine being rewarded for being the guy not dunking here? It’s impossible. In no way is that a charge (seriously, ask any player/coach/analyst).

Either way here’s the thing. Court stormings are awesome. Saying shit that crosses the line is don’t. Learn from the best:

In terms of just basketball – huge win for Utah State. This puts them on the right side of the bubble. Either way this is going to be interesting going forward.