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The Ultimate Fighter 1 Winner Diego Sanchez Just Destroyed A Fighter Who Was 12 When He Made His UFC Debut


The Ultimate Fighter Season 1 Winner/40-fight veteran Diego Sanchez just GRANDFATHERED rising prospect/CM Punk-slayer Mickey Gall to kick off the UFC 235 Prelims, after taking him down in the first, draining every last bit of stamina outta his body with that famously terrifying top game of his, and then finishing him off with some unanswered ground-and-pound in the second.

Honestly, I thought Gall was gonna have a heart attack in there. He was Dada5000 level gassed when he came off the stool for the second round, and looked like me after a light jog up a flight or two of stairs. Seems like being beneath Diego getting grapplefucked is a horrible time.

Pretty much every shot he hit Sanchez with in the second rocked him, as he ain’t necessarily the hardest dude to knock out in 2019 – fourteen years following his UFC debut – as his record leading into this fight shows…

Screen Shot 2019-03-02 at 8.38.32 PM

…but Gall just couldn’t pressure whatsoever and put more than a single strike together at a time, leading him to be taken down once again, and sorta embarrassingly fell down out of pure exhaustion during his one real opportunity to get something as he neared his demise.

Tough night for the youngster from Jersey. Great night for the man, the myth, and the legend, Diego Sanchez.

Bonus Fun Fact: Diego Sanchez is the actual creator of the “YES” chant, and Daniel Bryan credits him as such.