Roy Williams Collapsed On The UNC Sidelines During The Game Vs Clemson


Scary stuff here at the end of the first half. Roy Williams collapsed to a knee in front of the UNC bench as the game was going on with a battle of vertigo. This isn’t the first time it happened. He collapsed against Boston College a few years back with the same thing.

Here’s what he said back then:

Williams said doctors diagnosed him with “benign positional vertigo.”

“I’ve been diagnosed at Lawrence Memorial Hospital in Kansas, the Mayo Clinic in Rochester and Chapel Hill hospital, all three,” Williams said. “I don’t know that the doctors really care that much about me. I just think that they don’t want me to die on their watch.”

Williams’ vertigo struck after he attempted to discuss a no-call with an official. Williams thought that Isaiah Hicks, the junior forward, had been fouled on a play and went to discuss it with an official.

Williams didn’t like what he heard, and “I whirled around,” he said.

“And that’s when it hit,” Williams said. “And when I say benign positional veritgo, that’s exactly what it is. Every attack that I’ve had is when I jerk my head quickly, and I call them rocks, because my head’s full of rocks – rocks in my middle ear, one of the pebbles gets out of the alignment, and it bounces around on your inner ear, and that’s what causes the imbalance.”

Scary stuff no matter who you are. Associate head coach Steve Robinson – who took over for Roy during the BC game when he collapsed, will take over for this game as well. It was announced on the broadcast that he’s ‘doing better but there are no expectations for him to return.’

Good news is we know this won’t stop Roy from dancing whenever he damn well pleases: