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How Much Would You Pay To Stuff This Virgin?


BusinessInsider – 18-year-old Rebecca Bernardo, a high school student from Brazil, is hoping to auction off her virginity to the highest bidder. Bernado explained to CNN that the auctions was prompted by a desire to look after her bed-ridden mother, who suffered a stroke this year. According to neighbors Bernado never knew her father and her sister died years ago. Her mother does not approve of the plan, and hopes that Bernado will get a job instead. An offer by a Brazilian TV network to pay for her mother’s medical expenses was apparently refused as Bernado is also seeking money to relocate. So far the highest bid is for $35,000. Last year 20-year-old Catarina Migilorini put her virginity on sale online . Migilorini was taking part in an auction organized by an Australian documentary filmmaker, and eventually accepted an offer of $780,000.


I love how this Brazilian TV show called this slut’s bluff and offered to pay her mother’s medical bills so she wouldn’t have to sell her virginity and she still said no. So typical. Listen I don’t begrudge any virgin who wants to sell her virginity. If I was a hot piece of ass I’d sell my pussy too. I couldn’t spread my legs fast enough for the highest bidder. . You’ll never make an easier hundred grand or more. Absolute no brainer. But I’m so sick of these virgins and their sob stories. Like do you want me to bid on you or not? Because newsflash I don’t care about your mother. I don’t want to listen to you talk. Put on a bikini, finger yourself and show me your ass. Show me why I should pay to stuff you. Because as it stands right now I’m not even remotely attracted to you and wouldn’t bid more than 250 bucks. That’s basically pity fuck money.