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TJ Oshie's Goal Last Night Was Absolutely Dazzling

My goodness! The speed, the stick work, the unteachable intangibles that only come from years of late nights and early mornings at the rink. That’s why TJ Oshie is a Stanley Cup champion. That’s why TJ Oshie is already revered as a Capitals legend. The grit, the hard work, the dedication. The dazzling moves that only a select few others in the league can do. When it comes to memorable goals in Capitals history, you think of Joe Juneau’s goal vs the Sabres to go to the Cup, Ovi’s goal on his back vs the Coyote’s, DSP’s and Ellar’s goals in the Cup last year, and now Oshie’s goal at the Coli. Goals like that are why you play hockey, and why us the fans keep coming back for more.