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KFC Radio Episode 32 Featuring Ali Lee


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So this week, Big Cat and Chicago made Barstool history when their Guess That Ass on Monday decided to take to the comments section to defend herself agains the animal Stoolies saying all sorts of shit about her. And then she took it one step further to come on KFC Radio and talk about her experience as the most intriguing butt on Barstool this week. And she did the whole interview laying in her bed which means we all kinda hooked up with her. Big Cat recited some of the best and worst comments left for Ali that day. She talked about what a Barstool commenter would have to say to get her to go out with them. And finished off her interview with a Marry Fuck Kill of Big Cat, myself and Feits. I’ll let you watch to find out the results.

Here’s a hint: She killed the shit out of Feits.