Daaaaaaaa Lakers Lose! Again

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Tickkkkkk, tick, tick, tick. That’s the great Chris Berman counting down on the Lakers playoff clock this year. Folks when you are 30-32 and in the 10th spot in the Western Conference, you CANNOT afford to lose games at home. I don’t care if the Greek Freak and the 48-14 Bucks are in town. Every home game is a must-win. In fact, it seems like every game is a must win for the Lakers right now. So the fact that they are now 3-7 in their last 10 means one thing…..

Thanks Stephen A. I will take his word on the Lakers this year, as he is an expert on bottom feeders. Anyways, some people on the internet are suggesting that with there only being 20 games left and the Lakers needing to go on a big-time winning streak to get back in contention that LeBron James should go Zero Dark Thirty: 23 mode early this year. Shut down all forms of social media and shut up and dribble. If he doesn’t do it now, he may not be able to do it later. As of this afternoon though, LeBron respectfully disagrees.


Sweet dance moves! But hey King, what’s up with you mugging the camera throughout the day but then high-tailing yourself away from it at night? People are wondering why you left the court with 10 seconds still on the clock tonight….

Not a good look. Classless. Childish. And for the first time in your career, you’re not being a very good teammate. I for one think that the Lakers should sit LeBron and teach him a lesson that no one is bigger than the team. And before all you naysayers come at me and say that the Lakers would be NOTHING without the self-proclaimed Chosen One, I give you this statistic to suck on in-between….well, I’m not going to finish that joke…

Huh. That’s all I have you you on that one. Huh. Maybe LeBron James isn’t all that he’s cracked himself up to be. But while the entire world seems to be coming down on King right now, he still has one loyal supporter that still believes in him….