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Chick Says She Has Mind Blowing Sex With Aliens

One of the rare youtubes where all 10 minutes might be worth it

MSN - Men of Earth, don’t even try to satisfy Stephany Fay Cohen. The self-described psychic says that not only does she interact with races of aliens ranging from “The Greys” to cat men and octopus people, she also has had sexual encounters with them. Like out of this world (or, skeptics might say, out of her mind) sex that has been better than what she’s experienced with any human. “He’s kind of like a spirit boyfriend,” she said of one of her lovers. “I don’t call him my boyfriend. He’s more a good spirit friend who happens to be from the octopus race.”

How about this cocky Aunt Jemima bitch? Talking about how she goes all over the universe fucking cat-men and octopus people, getting banged out at intergalactic bus stops. Hey slut! A gentleman never asks and a lady never tells! You goddam whore. And I love the article skewed this. Like humans can’t fuck as good as aliens and I’m supposed to be all upset about that. Of course aliens can fuck better than I can. Aliens probably built the Pyramids and shit. Their technology is thousands, maybe millions of years more advanced than ours. Probably more physically evolved as well. Their dicks – if they even still use dicks, seems pretty primitive – can probably vibrate and pulsate and thrust. Probably have probes and shit that just punish earth clits. No fucking kidding you wake up in the morning laying in a puddle. According to Ancient Astronaut theorists, getting an earthling off is fucking child’s play for these extra terrestrials.

PS – I don’t think your “spirit boyfriend” is gonna be very impressed with your psychic work guessing the briefcase at the 6 minute mark. Maybe the worst psychic job of all time. You’re gonna have to suck his spirit dick to make up for that embarrassment tonight.