I Am The Hottest Gambler Out There

YTD 68-69-1 after a 3-1 day yesterday. I got to a point last night where I convinced myself where I am the best gambler in the world. I was texting all my friends pick and i was on top of the world. I over extended myself and lost most of my late night bets. With tonights shitty board, I may lose all my money because I can’t not bet.


Rhode Island @ Dayton -7.5

I used to be a big Rhode Island better but they stink this year. Dayton seems to run through that conference every single year and the flyers is an electric nickname. So with doing not too much research on this game, I am taking the points. I think it is a lot of points in conference and they will kepp it close. I wouldn’t sprinkle the money line, don’t be selfish and take the points.

Pick Rhode Island +7.5 


Wizards @ Celtics -10

The Celtics are the worst best team in the world. Everyone hates Kyrie even though he is one of the best point guards and anyone would love to have him but the Celtics might win this game by 30. The last loss had to have lit a fire under their ass and they have to get back on track. The Wizards are an absolute joke so take this for some free money.

Pick Celtics -10 

Just get ready for tomorrow. Fridays suck for gambling but what the fuck else am I going to do.