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Does This Look Like The Face Of A Woman Who Beat Up Her Boyfriend Because He Came First When They Were 69ing?

(TSG)Jennie Scott, 50, was booked into the Manatee County lockup on a misdemeanor charge stemming from the 11 PM encounter in the Palmetto bedroom of Jilberto Deleon, 32. Scott has dated Deleon “for the last 5 years on and off,” according to a sheriff’s report. Deputies were summoned to Deleon’s home by a witness who heard the couple arguing and saw Scott (seen at right) atop Deleon “punching and scratching him.” She also allegedly struck Deleon with a stick and threatened to hit him with a wrench before the tool was taken from her hand by the witness. When questioned by a cop, Scott explained that she and Deleon “were giving each other oral pleasure in the bedroom” when Deleon “finished first and stopped pleasuring her.” Scott added that she “became upset and they began arguing.”

First of all, pretty weird that she specifies he “finished first and stopped pleasuring her,” right? She could just say “he finished first” and everybody would assume he rolled over and went to bed. I can’t fathom continuing to (attempt to) pleasure someone after I finish. Like continuing to eat a chick out after you came? That’s total lunacy. I can’t close my laptop fast enough once I finish, never mind swish a lima bean around my mouth another hour or however long it takes girls to come.

And what kind of blowjob does this chick give where she’s making dudes come 69ing? I don’t pretend to be a sexual savant. Every position I’ve ever done I’ve had at least one instance where I say “whoa let’s slow this party down” and need to take a breather. Every position except 69. Guys can’t come laying on their backs unless they’re the ones doing the thrusting. I thought that was a rule? Like in Knocked Up when they say “chicks on top can’t get pregnant because of gravity” that’s a lie. Chicks on top can’t get pregnant because the guy can’t come. Jennie Scott must give one monster of a blowjob if she can make a guy come while his nose is shoved up her asshole and she keeps kicking him in the face.


Editors NoteI can shoot my load anytime anywhere without warning or provocation so I don’t buy into this no cum on 69 thing.  Never heard that before.