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How Many Mexicans Does It Take To Save One Mexican Who Fell into A Frozen Lake?


Warm weather country + frozen lake equals hilarity.   The only thing that would have made this video better would have been if there was a little circus music playing in the background.    Anyway what’s the deal with the people who kept falling in?  Could they not swim?   Or did they just enjoy being in the water once they fell in?   It makes no sense why they couldn’t get out.   The just sat there floating around baiting more people to come rescue them so the rescuers could fall in and then repeat the cycle all over again.   Did the water freeze around them or something?  It didn’t look it.  Looked like they just didn’t want to get out.

PS – The people standing around the edges were awful nonchalant right?  It’s like the thought never even crossed their mind that they could fall in next.  Little kids and shit just struttin that ass around the lake without a care in the world.