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Will Bryce Harper Adopt Me? And Other Important News

In true Kate fashion, I have quickly changed the angle of this blog because I’ve now double-blogged Smitty for the 2nd time this week. #professional. Anyways,

Screen Shot 2019-03-01 at 3.07.03 PM

Yesterday soon-to-be free agent Le’veon Bell took to Instagram to give no-longer-free-agent Bryce Harper a shoutout on his historic $330M, 13 year contract with the Philadelphia Phillies.

I’m pleased to report that Harper is already doing his part for the City of Brotherly Love & responded by sliding in the DMs & telling Le’Veon to become a liberty Bell. (Eh?! Eh?!)

Aye come join! Let’s take this city by storm. Bring as many titles as we can to the greatest city in the world. Brotherly love. #securethebag

That is EXACTLY the kind of attitude you want to see when a deal like this is made. All the haters like whiny Will Cain who say Harper didn’t really want to be here can shooooove it!

In other news, I have reached out to Bryce Harper with a proposition of my own. Will let you know how that goes, and if it works out I promise you all free cheesesteaks & cheap game-beers from here until the end of time.

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