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Francesa Announcing The New Pope Concludes Conclave Here At Barstool New York

This is it? This is the Arch Bishop? He’s an Arch Bishop though. This is it? Hes the Pope? From Bernus Aires? From Argentina? So Cardinal Jorge Mario Ber..Ber go….Ber-go-lee-oh? Ber-joh-lee-oh? Cardinal…Cardinal…Berj? Basically the Cardinal from Argentina is the new Pope

Jorge Mar Ee, Jorge Mario Ber-go… uh uh uh…Ber-gah-lee-io? Buh..Buh. Jorge Mario Burrolio. I guess the G’s are silent.

This obviously happened earlier on Mike’d Up but I wanted to hold off so I could leave it up all night. Just a perfect finale to Conclave. Pope Francesa announcing Pope Francis in classic Francesa fashion. Stuttering, stammering, butchering names, pretending he knows what hes talking about. Whats hilarious is that this is just par for the course with Mike. Does the same thing when he’s talking about the NHL or some NBA storyline he doesn’t know about. Everyone in the world was faking their way through Conclave coverage but this is just Francesa’s daily shtick. Pretending to know everything like he always does. Classic Francesa makes for a classic moment in Papal history.

Ties a nice little bow on this wild Pope Ride we took this week.

Hey Funtimes! Go fuck yourself! Loser! You ain’t the only one who can use photoshop you idiot.