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Sean Avery Goes Off On Islanders Fans For Their Antics Last Night

Tell em Aves! Sean Avery was NOT happy with Islanders fans after their antics last night towards former captain and current Toronto Maple Leafs forward John Tavares. Avery posted the video to his Instagram story this morning ripping Isles fans after their team beat the Leafs 6-1 last night in the return of John Tavares.

Honestly, I loved what Islanders fans were doing last night. It makes sprots fun. The Islanders were like the 3rd most talked about thing in America yesterday. Is that because our founding leader Dave Portnoy was there? I’d say so. But it was also from the Islanders fans antics. I mean, they throw plastic snakes on the ice at the guy. But I also think Sean Avery is fucking hilarious. His Instagram stories have become must watch. The guys goes toe to toe with someone every day and its absolutely hilarious.

We have mentioned it on the podcast a few times, but we have some amazing content with Avery coming up. After watching being so enamored with his Instagram stories, we wanted him to show Biz around the city. What every day life is like for Sean Avery. So keep an eye out for that on our new youtube page.