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I Can't Get Enough of The Rough N Rowdy Brawl


People probably think I’m kidding about wanting to go to this, but I’m not. In fact I’d say there is a 75% chance I’m doing it. I just can’t ignore these videos any longer. The Swagmaster, The Blue Creek Special, Cody Skeens etc. I already emailed the promoter. Got my VIP credentials all lined up. Locker room interviews, ring side seats, the works. So I got to do it right? I mean everybody and their grandmother copies what we do now. How do you stay ahead of the completion? Simple. Wall to wall Rough N Rowdy coverage period. Next level stuff. It’s why I’m a mogul and everybody else isn’t. My only worry is I somehow get kidnapped by a redneck or something and end up working in a pig bog. That could happen right? Whatever. I feel like it’s a risk I have to take.

No word on whether Bucky Boyd will be fighting next weekend….