Johnny Manziel's Instagram Model Wife Accused Of Cheating In Charity Marathon After Running A World-Record Pace For The Last 6 Miles

DAILY MAIL - Johnny Manziel’s wife Bre Tiesi has been accused of cheating during a half marathon charity race after her timings appeared to show she ran a world record pace.

The Instagram model, 27, has been forced to defend herself after split times looked to show she may have cut out parts of the course to achieve a quicker time.

Bre, who married the disgraced footballer in March last year, ran the Divas half-marathon in Temecula, California earlier this month in support of breast cancer awareness. She posted a picture of herself to Instagram holding a glass of wine following the race.

But according to a timings sheet posted online by, Bre ran the final 6.7 miles of the half marathon in 26:54 – faster than any human has ever managed.

First of all talk about a ricochet shot.  “Bre, who married the disgraced footballer in March last year…


For a guy who has caught every single break he sure can’t catch a break.

Anyway the focus of this story isn’t Johnny Football, it’s his wife – Instagram model and former Smokeshow Bre Tiesi, who is getting dragged across the internet for allegedly cheating in a charity half marathon.  Bunch of amateur internet sleuths breaking down the footage of her jog like the god damn Zapruder film.

USA Today didn’t hold back in throwing some shade while describing the situation either:

Manziel’s wife, Bre Tiesi-Manziel, is a fitness and Instagram model. She recently participated in the Run Like A Diva half marathon in Temecula, Calif. And finished the race with a time of 1:58:22 with zero training, according to her. Via the Houston Chronicle, the average time for a woman running a half marathon is around 2:19 and a pace of just over 10 minutes per mile.

Tiesi-Manziel’s average of 9:09 per mile would be impressive but not unheard of — the problem for her came after a look at her mile-by-mile splits.

Tiesi-Manziel hit the six-mile mark at a time of 1:31:29 (a 14-minute mile pace). Her 11-mile update was missing, but she managed to reach the finish line at 1:58:22 along with her running partner. For this to be possible, Tiesi-Manziel would have needed to run the final 6.7 miles at a pace of four minutes per mile.

Like, that’s simply not possible. [USA TODAY]

“Like, that’s simply not possible.”  Ummm they told Michael Johnson and Carl Lewis and Usain Bolt the same thing.  The fuck does USA Today know about Bre Tiesi’s athletic ability?  To quote Rick Ross “bitch you wasn’t with me shootin in the gym.”

For that to even be in the realm of possibility, Tiesi-Manziel would have to expect people to believe that she ran at a world-record pace for 6.7 straight miles with no preparation … right after running at a 14-minute pace.

The women’s world record for a mile (just one mile!) is 4:12.56 set by Svetlana Masterkova in 1996. Tiesi-Manziel would have needed to break that record for six consecutive miles.

Svetlana Master…Master….Masternever heard of her, I don’t give a fuck about Svetlana Masterkova.  Nobody walked on the moon before Neil Armstrong (lol wink wink.)  Nobody ran 6.7 straight miles at a 4 minute mile pace before Johnny Manziel’s wife Bre Tiesi.



In a now-deleted Instagram Story, Tiesi-Manziel called the accusations “sad and pathetic” and claimed that nobody was around to check her time, which doesn’t happen in races anyway. She directed her frustration at people questioning her time in a charity event and credited her athletic lifestyle for her ability to push through the race despite hating cardio.

Key is drafting, eliminate wind resistance.

Start fast.

Run fast in the middle.

End with the fastest 6.7 miles in human history.

Maybe all the haters should use the time they’re spending criticizing Bre on taking those tips and running in their own charity half marathon, give back to people a little bit.





There is absolutely 0.000000 doubt in my mind that Bre ran the wrong way and missed like half of the course and has no idea that she did that.

(via Daily Mail, USA Today)