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Why Did This Dude Throw A Piece Of Cheese At His Kid?

Not to sound like too much of a pussy here but why did that dude throw a piece of cheese at his kid? Come on man. Seems mean. Kid didn’t even see it coming. At least wait until the kid has the motor functions to defend himself and block the flying piece of cheese. Kid doesn’t even have the motor functions to react AFTER he got hit by the cheese. Just sat there like a goddamn idiot.

You know what’s gonna be a real bitch? If that kids grows up and hates cheese because of what happened. That’s gonna be the real tragedy. Bet the dad didn’t think about that, did he? Nope. He’s gonna feel like a real asshole if the kid has violent flashbacks to that moment every time someone orders a plate of nachos. A life without a cheese isn’t a life worth living.

Flip side, that Podfathers tweet has almost 10,000 RTs and 20,000 likes. Kids seem like annoying money pits that take over your life and don’t allow you to have any fun whatsoever but apparently they’re great for content. Might as well take advantage of that while you can. Throw all the cheese you want.