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Hopefully This Bob Couch "Pump Iron" Video Will Help Ease The Pain Of What Has To Be The Absolute Worst Day of the Year


It’s a known fact the day after New Years is the worst day of the year. THE WORST. The Holidays are over. It’s the dead of winter. Everybody is in a horrible mood. There is literally nothing to look forward to until Memorial Day. Maybe college kids can look forward to Spring Break or a Blackout, but other than that it’s pure nothingness.. That’s why I’ve been saving this video in my back pocket for the past month. I knew I needed this for today. Some sage advice to get everybody though the winter months.  Just pump a little iron. Push out a couple sets and boom your whole outlook on life will be shiny and new. Thank you Bob Couch.  Thank you.

And 2013 is off and running!