Wake Up With Bryce Harper Pimping The Absolute Shit Out Of This Walk-Off Homer
Now that Bryce Harper's Nationals' career is officially over and he's headed up 95 to Philly, a lot of his career highlights were circulating. I remember seeing this home run and thinking "this guy is a mad motherfucker." While he could never bring the postseason success to DC, he was the main reason they were contenders every year. They were picked to win the World Series almost every year by nearly every publication, but the team always seemed to crumble in October. Sometimes it was Bryce's fault, sometimes it wasn't. Love him or hate him, you had to respect the way he went out and played (except when he would jog down the line and get yanked out of the game).
This was one of his 184 homers in his seven seasons with the Nets, and it was easily one of his most exciting bombs. He had a handful of big playoff ones, a few against the Giants, a big one against the Cubs, but this homer against Atlanta is up there for big regular season moments. He was always a threat with the bat, especially when the game was on the line. He seemed to have the clutch gene. He'll get booed in DC for the next 13 years, and I can understand why, but Nats fans should be able to get over it because they still have a hell of a squad. Soto and Robles are no joke, couple that with their pitching and Anthony Rendon being one of the most underrated players in baseball, it'll be fine.
PS. That walkoff bat throw is so god damn cocky. What a move.