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Spittin' Niplets: Mia Khalifa's Hockey-Puck-Dented Breast Is Re-Inflated After Corrective Surgery

Don’t go gettin’ a zam-bone-i on me just yet. This is serious.

As you may recall, diehard DC sports/Caps fan Mia Khalifa was at a Caps/Lighting game last May when a puck came straight for them nips. (Shout out to Tomo News for this weird reenactment cartoon.)

Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 10.42.25 PM

Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 10.42.49 PM

Despite the pain she was a great sport about it & stayed through the game. At the season’s end the Caps had a Stanley Cup in perfect shape, but one of her own cups (Triple D) was not so lucky due to the puck incident, and would require surgery.

The corrective procedure finally took place this week:

For those you you who don’t know. Last May during the Stanley Cup Playoffs, I was sitting on the glass for the Caps/Lightening game 1 and got hit in the left chest with an 80mph puck. If my implant wasn’t there, @drjaycalvert is convinced I would have died (follow him for more in depth explanations as to why). My lung would have been fractured and my ribs would have been shattered. As a result, since then, my breasts have been severely uneven. One deflated, one normal. All of the torn ligaments in my left chest shifted the implant and made it sit significantly lower than the right. On Monday, @drjaycalvert helped me regain my confidence and to correct that. I am healing incredibly, although I will be in this boob prison for about 6 weeks. Worth it though, honestly. I’m lucky to have such a compassionate and caring doctor who goes the extra mile just to check in on you and your feelings. #JustHockeyThings #80mphPuck #BUTIGOTTOKEEPTHEPUCK!!!! #BodyByCalvert

Next time anyone wants to rip on women who get breast implants, think of this & know they save lives.


*^Yes, I do my own photoshop jobs in Google/docs. I do freelance if you’re interested.

Side note, I have to say I’m a fan. She’s confident despite the haters whether its about her sports knowledge or porn past or whatever, she seems like a kind lady with a sense of humor, her Swedish chef boyfriend is a smoke, and I hope her boob gets well soon. For her, and for all who enjoy them..