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Kyle Long Takes A Shot At Italian Beef

Alright I’m not trying to start up the 27 billionth edition of the Beef Wars and most certainly not with a Bears captain fresh off a $3M haircut to stay in town.

That said I didn’t even have time to buy Kyle Long a beef. And I like this guy a lot. I invited myself over to his house on Red Line Radio and he didn’t even flinch. Told me to come when he opens the pool and I’ve been pounding away at the bowflex ever since. Kyle Long The Motivator. That’s what I call him now.

Even so I can’t start handing out free passes here. Granted, Kyle Long technically isn’t from here, so he’s not nearly as beholden to Italian Beef like maybe George Contos or Jim Adduci of the Cubs. Or any true born and bread local guys. I think that’s when we start stabbing people and Go To The Mattresses. But for Kyle Long I suppose he can hang his hat on being a transplant. I guess. Idk of course I feel like a pussy writing this because I want Kyle Long to be slathering himself in Au Jus after games. I want him dedicated to the cause inside and out. And then I remember 2 days ago he more or less gave $3m back to his team, nearly identical to what the Cody Parkey cap hit would have been in 2019.

Kyle Long The Savior.

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