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Russian Man With Knife In His Back Leaves Hospital For A Quick Smoke Break

Writing this on day 4 of another attempt at quitting cigs cold turkey, I can openly admit that shameful or not, seeing Kim Jong Un lighting up in the tweet above made me want one terribly. And seeing the other guy in that tweet running out for a puff in his boxers, despite a big-ass knife lodged in his back, seems completely understandable right now.

Speaking of:

Holy shit. For almost two minutes the guy goes loping around, blood streaking down as the padded knife handle casts shadows across his back down the hospital halls. And it’s like he’s a zombie… there appears to be an EMT, a cook from the kitchen, and multiple nurses all around him, but no one wants to touch him and bring him back inside. My only guess is they were afraid he’d freak out, further injuring himself?

From RT:

The bloody patient identified only as Vladimir, 34, was reportedly being treated at the Zelenodolsk central district hospital in Tatarstan on Monday when he insisted on going outside to smoke a cigarette.

Video footage of the heavily intoxicated man shows him wearily walking outside the hospital – against the orders of medical professionals – wearing nothing but his underwear. Worried doctors can be heard telling the patient that this smoke break could be his last, eventually convincing him to come back inside.

Raise your hand if you were not surprised this guy was named Vladimir.

Safe to say that when the drunk mind has a mission, it’s going to do its damnedest to accomplish it. Drunk Kate has walked miles for fast food in the dark when her phone was dead, bought extremely expensive concert tickets she couldn’t afford, & many other wacky things, but she has yet to run around with a knife in her back.

Let’s hope that never happens, and that she can lay off the smokes.

Me talking about myself in the 3rd person aside, rough week for drunk Russia stuff.