Somebody In Vegas Bet $10,000 That Tiger Woods Is Going To Win The Masters This Year

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GolfWeek- Someone likes Tiger Woods to win the 2019 Masters – a lot. The Las Vegas Superbook USA took a $10,000 bet on Tiger Woods to win the first major of the year at 12-1 odds, Superbook USA vice president Jeff Sherman Tweeted on Thursday. Woods has been among the favorites to win the event since odds were first posted last summer and was as high as 9-1 to win it after his victory in the Tour Championship in September. In the latest odds, Dustin Johnson stands alone as a 10-1 favorite to win at Augusta following his decisive victory in the WGC-Mexico Championship. Rory McIlroy, Justin Rose and Woods are next on the board to win at 12-1. Justin Thomas stands alone at 14-1.

Love. To. See It. 10,000 buckaroos on Tiger Woods to win his fifth (that’s 5) green jacket at the 2019 Masters. There’s a Tiger fan out in Vegas right now who feels so good about Tiger’s chances that he just dropped 5 figs ion it. I don’t have anywhere close to $10,000 because I’m horrible at manages my finances but I would put $10,000 on Tiger if I did. It’s good to know there’s people out there willing to put that type of dough on the line.  Tiger’s odds are 12-1. Flipping $10,000 into a quick $120,000 on a beautiful April Sunday sounds pretty damn good to me.

These are the vibes we need as we get closer and closer to April. Positive Vibes Only when it comes to Tiger’s chances at Augusta this year. Forget about all the negativity that seemingly always surrounds Tiger. Forget about the h8ers. Forget that he hasn’t won a major since 2008. Forget about the recent putting woes. Forget about the unfounded Rub N Tug rumors. Forget about all of that and focus on Positive Vibes Only. PVO is the motto.

I hope Tiger sees this story and it gets his juices flowing. His juices already flow like crazy every time he plays in a major (especially the Masters) because most people think he’ll never win one again but a little extra motivation never hurt anyone. Tiger needs to know that somebody out there still has so much faith in him that they’re willing to bet 10 grand on him. PVO.