Introducing Barstool Chicago's Local Smokeshow Of The Day - Zit Popping Compilation

I’m taking an old page out of Dente’s book here. I probably can’t use the video he would use because of today’s PC culture so I went with a nice zit compilation instead.

To keep it short – We need Chicago Smokeshow submissions.

The well has dried up on our first batch of submissions so we need more to keep em rolling. Smokeshows have been a staple of this site since its inception and we gotta keep it that way.

If you go to Eastern, U of I, ISU, Southern etc or just live in Chicago…I don’t care just start sending people in.

It’s as easy as sending an email to and dropping in an IG link.

That’s it.

And it’s all completely anonymous. No one will ever know who sent it because to be honest we won’t really know who sent it.

Let’s come back strong on Monday.