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4 Years Ago Today Cat Zingano Implemented The All Time Worst Strategy Ever Against Ronda Rousey - Running Towards Her, Arms Flailing

I’ll never forget watching Ronda Rousey vs Cat Zingano live.

Honestly, pre-fight, I feared for my girl Ronda for the first time in her career, as I was in agreement with everyone else going in that Zingano was the toughest opponent she’d faced yet, who had a serious chance at dethroning the undefeated queen of the Bantamweight Division despite being a +540 underdog.

As the two were brought into the center of the octagon and touched gloves, my heart pounded a million beats an second, and I took a deep breath…annnnnd then Cat Zingano just charged at Ronda Rousey like a wacky waving inflatable arm-flailing tube woman, getting submitted effortlessly by her in just 14 seconds.

Looking back, the strategy sorta made sense. Nobody had EVER done that to Ronda – coming at her with anything but trepidation – and catching her off guard was as good a shot as any back then. In practice, it just didn’t work though – at all. Zingano had a really tough time coming to grips with the fact that she’d lost so quickly post-fight, to the point everyone felt a little bad for her.

Watching this fight back now reminds me of a time I intentionally struck out in an All Star game when I was 12 because I was on the verge of blasting my pinstripe white pants full of some nasty diarrhea. I tried to tell my coach to pinch hit for me, and he just didn’t get the message. I think I swung three times in a row before the pitcher was even done with his first wind-up. My dad was pissed, and I’ve still to this day never seen a more confused group of people in my entire life – my team, their team, everyone in the stands…nobody had a fucking clue what they’d just witnessed.

It was almost like Zingano just had to get the fight over with so she could take a big ol’ dump, you know?