Vince Carter's Secret To A Long Career? Oh, Just Mix A Tylenol And Aleve Together

(Starts at the 41:50 mark) 

Welp, that settles it. I’m about to be an NBA player for the next decade by simply taking a Tylenol and Aleve together before every pick up game and men’s rec league game. That’ll solve all the issues.

I love this answer by Vince. Jeremy Lin playing it off like a joke only for Carter to say he’s absolutely serious and that the Tylenol kicks in first. That’s good to know. Wonder if it works for a hangover too?

Listen if Tylenol and Aleve together can make me do this:

Then I’m going to start taking this every day. I may double up the dosage to really get going with this thing. I like to assume this is his version of Michael’s Secret Stuff from Space Jam. Instead of a water bottle though he just pops the two pills and runs out for warmups.

If this is true keep taking it Vince and share some with Dirk. Let’s get another 20 years out of these guys.