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This Picture Of Giannis And Corey Brewer Must Be Photoshopped With How Absolutely Hilarious It Is

This is it. This is my favorite non-Boban NBA picture ever. I can’t stop laughing at it. I mean Corey Brewer has to be photoshopped in here. Corey Brewer has probably seen some shit. He spent multiple years with Joakim Noah in college, so I’m not ruling anything out.

This picture though is one of the most ludicrous things I’ve ever seen. I don’t even know how you make that face during a game. I have no idea how you capture that perfect picture, but here we are. Brewer has been a good NBA player – you stick around in the league this long and you’ve had a good career no matter what. But, now I think this is his legacy. He’s the old guy with the glasses staring off into the distance during a Giannis dunk.

What this did though was just show that the Internet has moved on. 5 years ago this picture is photoshopped into him staring at everything. We’ve really come a long way. Almost like the Kings – who might be the most fun team in the league.