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Dude Gets His Dick And Balls Completely Chopped Off Using Peeler Machine At Work

Apparently this is the type of machine he chopped his dick off with

TAMPA (CN) - A Florida man sued a temp agency that sent him to a job where a foam-cutting machine cut off his penis and testicles. Edgardo Toucet sued Spartan Staffing and Barbara Pridgen, in Hillsborough County Court. In his complaint, Toucet, a Puerto Rican emigrant who does not speak or write English, claims Spartan Staffing hired him and sent him to the (nonparty) Future Foam manufacturing plant near Orlando. Spartan Staffing employee Barbara Pridgen was responsible for ensuring compliance with safety training for Spartan’s leased employees, including onsite inspections of the client company’s job sites, Toucet says in the complaint. But Toucet claims he “received no orientation or other formalized instruction or training in preparation for his temporary work assignment as a peeler machine helper.” A peeler machine is run by two people, an operator and helper, and uses a razor-sharp blade to cut carpet foam. “On January 13, 2010, while performing work as a peeler machine helper, Toucet came into contact with the machine’s spinning blade and his penis and testicles were completely severed,” the complaint states. Toucet claims that “Spartan was aware that on previous occasions other leased Spartan employees on temporary assignment to the Future Foam plaint were injured in prior similar accidents while operating the same peeler machine.” He seeks damages for gross negligence, respondeat superior and an intentional tort.

Well hows your work day going! Yes, the fat Indian girl 2 cubes down is heating up some sort of ethnic food and stinking up the whole floor. Yes, you agreed to be someone’s out of office contact and they actually contacted you so you’re doing all of someone else’s work. But guess what? At least you didn’t get your cock and balls chopped clean off! I mean Jiminy fucking Cricket. Most people say it was a bad day if it rains during their commute. Imagine losing your manhood?

And all because some temp agency placed some illegal alien Edgardo at a “Foam Manufacturing plant.” Hey Barbara – his name is Edgardo Toucet. Dude was looking to go somewhere with a lawnmower and a weedwacker. You set him up with a “foam cutting machine peeler?” How the fuck is he supposed to know what to do with that? Its like when I take off my shirt to iron it and I end up hitting myself in the belly with the edge of the iron. Scorch a red line right across the gut. Because I don’t know how to iron. Same thing with Edgardo except he ended up cockless like a fucking Ken Doll. Worst temp agency ever.

PS – Hey Foam Manufacturing World – maybe stop making your foam cutting machines dick height? Just an idea.