A High School Basketball Announcer Lost His Mind Because An Opposing Player Had The Nerve To Dunk At The End Of A Game (And Then He Lost His Job)

When I first watched that video, I’ll admit that I thought the announcer took his anger just a bit too far, kinda like Joe Buck witnessing Randy Moss having the absolute GAUL to fake moon a crowd. If anybody, let alone a high school kid, has a chance to get a dunk in regardless of the score, there should be no beef. That dunk became a memory for everyone in the crowd that watched 40 minutes of semi-sloppy high school hoops and raised that kid up at least 2 full tiers in high school popularity for being able to dunk (I know it probably wasn’t very good basketball because multiple kids were raising the roof after a dunk). Losing your job over that call seems a little extreme, but this is the Age of Outrage after all.

However, once I read where this game took place, that all changed.

SI- A high school basketball announcer in Indiana has resigned after ruthlessly criticizing a player who dunked in the final seconds of a game. The incident occurred on Friday night in a game between Fort Wayne’s Homestead High and Norwell in the small town of Ossian. The Homestead Spartans, the visitors, were well on their way to victory when senior Trent Loomis dunked in the final seconds. He hung on the rim for just a moment and was given a technical foul by an overzealous ref. That’s when the announcer went off.

What the hell is this? Basketball announcers in Indiana should be allowed to talk as much shit as they want when it comes to opposing teams. Indiana high school hoops is like Texas high school football. It just means more (than life itself) and the home announcers should be as unbiased as Tommy Heinsohn. If you are a a basketball announcer in the Hoosier state, you should be letting hate out of their heart whenever one of your rival teams scores a point, let alone shoves a dunk down your throat once the game has been decided. I mean the vigor in which this guy calls a teenager a “Jackass” is laugh out loud funny. I’ve never been to Homestead, but I can tell you based on that reaction they are a bunch of peacocking sons of bitches that have as much class as they do first round wins (NONE!). The Spartans acting all high and mighty with their kids that can dunk (which only counts for 2 points last I checked) while not even covering the spread! What a bunch of LOSERS! Not the grown man angry about a meaningless dunk at the end of a high school game. But the kids playing a basketball game on the court against other kids.

UPDATE: Typical classless, playoff winless Homestead