Wow, Emily Ratajkowski Just Released New Prints And Styles Of Her Swimsuits!

Screen Shot 2019-02-27 at 1.13.32 PMIncredible. Emily Ratjkowski has just announced new prints and styles of her bathing suits and I must say, they are her best release yet. Brown polka dots just changed the game forever. You never know what she’s going to think of next. You don’t think she can top her last release and then she does. You’re not gonna be able to go to the beach this summer without seeing polka dots and who will be the one behind it? The one and only Emily Rata. Again, incredible. She truly is a visionary. The type of bathing suit designer that only comes around once in a generation. Swimsuit wearers needs to realize how fortunate they are to be alive at the same time as her. Brown polka dots. I’m speechless. She did it again.

A few other pics of her swimsuit line