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Teenager Comes CRASHING Through The Gym Ceiling Right In The Middle Of A Wrestling Tournament

There isn’t a good time to go crashing through the ceiling of your high school’s gym but that was most certainly a bad time for that guy to go crashing through the ceiling of his high school’s gym. The cracking of the ceiling before he fall is my favorite part. There’s a split second where everybody’s looking around at each other like, “Well what the fuck is about to happen next?” Anything was in play at that moment. Godzilla could’ve ripped the roof off the place and started eating people. Instead, a rascal high schooler came plummeting outta the ceiling and probably broke his shoulder.

But the real story is in the comments of the YouTube video

Screen Shot 2019-02-27 at 10.11.58 AMAssuming that’s true (which is exactly what we’re going to do), did SoAude come crashing through the ceiling to build up the hype of his music? God I hope that’s true. That’d be incredible. Publicity stunts to drum up interest is a tale as old as time in hip hop. Rappers have started beefs to promote albums or they get arrested on weapons charges or whatever. SoAude is simply taking the formula to the high school level. Just imagine the type of buzz there’s gonna be surrounding his music now. Whatever going platinum entails to a high school rapper, SoAude is about to go platinum.

Here’s a little taste of his music. Sitting at a cool 41 listens