IG Star Brittany Renner Is Showing Up To UK Games And Players Are Mouthing I Love You From The FT Line

Well, what an interesting development we have going on here. Is this the new Ashley Judd? Is Brittany Renner trying to come for my throne as the No. 1 face of Kentucky basketball? I’m taking it that way which means I’m going to need to sit close to the floor soon.

I don’t know much about Brittany Renner. I’ll be honest here. She’s an IG star and my research (searching on Barstool if we wrote about her) brought up this:

Screen Shot 2019-02-27 at 9.48.27 AM

Okay. So she shakes her ass for a few seconds and people lose their mind. I don’t think I can compete with that though I’m a phenomenal dancer.Don’t think it would make Twitter go berserk.

But, here she is. She’s popping up at UK games. She was at Rupp for the Tennessee game – that makes sense. That game brings out the stars. But, then she was back last night for the Arkansas game, which turned out to be a great one, but Arkansas stinks. I don’t know if Renner is from Kentucky or what. I’ve never seen her at games before or heard about her at a game before.

But, here’s what I’m interested in. Well, two things. First, is she a good luck charm? 2-0 with her there. Put her on the jet if so and fly her with the team everywhere. Second, this clip of Keldon Johnson started to go viral last night on Kentucky Twitter

It’s a valid question. I mean, I’d like to think he’s saying it to Tyler Herro, who is in fact a bucket. Maybe he was mouthing that he loved him for bailing Kentucky out in this game? Maybe it was to John Calipari for bringing him to the best damn program in America? Maybe it was to Brittany Renner because Keldon Johnson is going to shoot his shot no matter what sort of heat check he’s on. Either way, I love it.

All I’m saying is it goes:
1. Bobby Reagan
2. Brittany Renner
3. Steve Zahn
4. Ashley Judd

Now here’s some obligatory pictures of Renner: