Wake Up With Dr. Willie Wilson Handing Out Cash Around Chicago

Congratulations to Dr. Willie Wilson on the extremely strong showing yesterday.  The Man Myth Legend took home 11% of the vote in what was Chicago’s most contested mayoral election ever. A lot of experts say if Paul Vallas didn’t run as the 2nd Republican candidate, Willie Wilson would have made the runoff vs. Lightfoot. Only in a perfect world I suppose.

You have to admit it’s pretty amazing for a guy who’s casually trolled state and city politics for the last decade. So amazing that I’d like to offer some immediate takeaways from Willie’s unlikely success: people hate property taxes, people cheer for an underdog and most importantly, people LOVE money

Fingers crossed Dr. Wilson runs again in 2023. My day with him and Eddie was nothing short of remarkable. Not for nothing he agreed to hire us as a joint PR team so take that for what it is.