Does Zion's Top Button Change His Draft Stock?

I’ll be honest guys this one came out of no where. I’m Team Zion hard. I love the bad boy slamma jamma shit and have every expectation he falls to the Bulls in the 2nd round now that he’s hurt.

4ddc4e8ed7d27ed0f7b449e1341f59b5.381x298x11It’s a joke calm down. Of course Zion goes back for his sophomore year for more opportunities to flex Top Button life. Just a preposterous look.

Screen Shot 2019-02-26 at 8.05.07 PMThere’s a short list of guys who can Top Button. Bubba Watson. Your uncle Frank. Young Tiger

61TY578133LThat’s about it.

Anyways I was confused so I reached out to a guy who wears more golf polos than anyone I know. I reached out to Big Cat. I said Hey Cat do go top shelf on your polos? and he said No Carl I don’t my face is too fat. I prefer the John Candy

rs_1024x759-151030120858-1024-john-candy-home-aloneUltimately it comes down to one thing: establishing consistency. It’s hard to come back from this kind of Top Button debut. Coach K never goes top button. George W, Never. Clinton, no. They’ve set precedent – stick to your guns. If Zion’s casually raw dawging a dri fit 3 buttons deep this weekend I’m going to be exremely pissed off. It’s just not fair to all the Fat Face guys that lack the flexibility to pick and choose. Neck fat’s not the easiest thing to play with and I pray that’s a bridge Zion doesn’t cross for a long time.

PS – Get this towel boy a scholarship immediately. Don’t care if he’s 13 years old. That’s big time program hustle.