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In Honor Of Honky Tonk Man's WWE Hall Of Fame Induction, Throwback To The Time He Walloped Jake The Snake With A Real Guitar, Fracturing His Neck

Guitar Shot at 2:33

WHHHHHACK! Not so fun fact about this moment: Jake “The Snake” Roberts credits it with kicking off his nasty painkiller addiction, which…sounds about right! Yikes!

Honky Tonk Man was revealed to be entering the WWE Hall of Fame earlier today by CBS Sports – which is just a bullshit thing the WWE does with their “scoops” to suck themselves off a bit, making it seem like news outlets actually care who goes in/out of their dumb Hall of Fame – but I just saw that as an excuse to post one of the all time, underrated “oh fuck” moments in the history of wrestling – Honky Tonk Man accidentally using a real guitar instead of a gimmicked one when WALLOPING Jake the Snake during a Snake Pit segment.

“Welp, that didn’t break!”

Congrats to Honky on the induction!

P.S. Why’d Jake tie his shirt like that?