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Has Lebron James Ruined The Once Proud Lakers Franchise Forever?

Listen I’ll be the first person to admit that I don’t like the Lakers. How could I as a Celtics fan? But I always respected them. After all Lakers vs. Celtics is one of sports greatest rivalries. That’s why I’m so disheartened about what Lebron James has done to the franchise. He has literally ruined them. He has made a mockery out of this once proud franchise. I mean every day he does something new that embarrasses every single member of the Laker organization. Every day he slaps Laker fans in the face. Whether it be skipping games so he can make rap videos, telling the bus driver to leave Luke Walton behind, trashing all his teammates, not playing any defense, saying he doesn’t care about winning, drinking wine during games etc. it’s literally one thing after another. I’ve never thought I could feel bad for Laker fans but I do now. He has single handedly ruined the franchise. They are the laughing stock of the league. I’ve always said Lebron James was a cancer, but nothing has ever proved it more than his brief tenure in LA. It truly pains me to see our rivals be embarrassed like this on a national scale. Tonight and every night until Lebron is gone I will pray for Laker fans. Nobody deserves to be treated like this not even our arch rivals.