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Kim Jong Un's Running Body Guards Are Back In Action In Vietnam!

YES. Kim Jong Un’s running body guards are hands-down the best part of these trips. It’s what I look forward to the most when him and Donald Trump decide to shake hands in some random part of the world. The running body guards are always the highlight of Kim Jong Un getting out of North Korea for a bit.

I will say, him lighting a cigarette with a match was pretty incredible

I didn’t see that coming at all and I am fascinated by it. But I still say the best part is the running body guards.

Being one of Kim Jong Un’s running body guards has to be such a high honor in North Korea. Those guys have to be such a point of pride in their family. Think about it. We never see any other North Koreans except Kim Jong himself, a few of his high-ranking general and the body guards that run alongside his car when he travels. The moms and dads of those boys have to be filled with such pride when the state-sponsored news in North Korea shows that clip. Being a running body guard for Kim Jong Un has to be like being a doctor or a lawyer here in the states. Something their parents can brag about to their friends.

I honestly hope Kim and Trump have a million of these summits so we can keep seeing the running body guards in action.