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Dan Bilzerian Gets Caught Photoshopping Cardi B's Ass On His Instagram - Uh Oh

Here at Barstool we support how all women look and embrace their curves in all shapes and sizes. Dan Bilzerian can’t have that on his Instagram it looks like. As Jack Wagner pointed out in his tweet last night, Bilzerian photoshopped Cardi B’s insta picture that was taken at his house a few weeks ago.

Apparently to Dan, Cardi B’s ass wasn’t round enough for him. He also points out the lady in the background’s abs were flattened out. He also put his marijuana company onto the TV screen instead of a TV show.

What a weird fucking dude. Imagine seeing Cardi there and immediately thinking her ass wasn’t good enough to post on your own account? Who gives a shit? Also the girl in the far background? That’s actually insane. How can you care that much about how other people look in your presence? I didn’t even notice she was in the picture until it was pointed out, that’s how oblivious I am to detail. It’s a shame the stain on his shirt wasn’t edited out. The head of his social was probably fired for missing that.

I think everyone perceives Bilzerian as an enormous douchebag in the first place, but this is the icing on the cake and the cherry top.

Quick mini throwback to Big Cat’s perfect Cardi impersonation