Longtime Stoolie Kacey Musgraves Performed A Selena Song In Houston And Texans Are Going To Weep When They See It

People in Texas fucking love Selena. Take San Antonio for example. If you go on one of the Riverwalk tours, without fail, there will be at least 3 mentions of Selena. If you talk about the movie Selena with people from San Antonio or South Texas in general, they will be upset that Jennifer Lopez played her because Jennifer Lopez isnt Mexican.

Last year, the local grocery store chains had Selena reusable bags at all the stores. People were lined up for these bad boys. They had Selena’s face on them and that’s really it. People were putting them on Ebay and making all kinds of money. Even my wife and kids were standing in line for a chance at one of these bags. Next thing I know, my 6-year-old is singing bidi bidi bom bom nonstop.

Anyway, I’m sure when people showed up to a Kacey Musgraves concert in Houston, they didn’t expect to hear Selena’s hits while weeping in their seats. They did though and now Texas is gonna talk about it for 6 months while eating dry-rubbed brisket.

I wrote this entire blog and then thought that I should offer this topic to Liz. No reason based on like ethnicity or anything. I dont even think about that stuff. I just think she would probably like Selena.