183 People Are Stranded On An Amtrak Train In Oregon And They Can't Be Rescued

WGN – An Amtrak train headed for Los Angeles with nearly 200 people on board came to a standstill Sunday evening after hitting a tree that had fallen onto the tracks. More than 24 hours later, there’s still no movement. “Due to worsening conditions, area road closures and no viable way to safely transport passengers or crews via alternate transportation, Train 11 stopped in Oakridge, Oregon,” said an Amtrack spokesperson. The train still has power and there is enough food on board — for which passengers will not be charged, Amtrak said on Twitter.

Nightmare. Pure and utter terror. I can’t sit on the tarmac for more than 15 minutes without completely losing my shit. This sounds significantly worse, even if Amtrak is gracious enough to comp the peanut M&M tray. Let’s take it to the scene.

Passenger Carly Bigby said the snack cart on the train is empty and people have run out of diapers for their children. “A lot of kids have been really good but they’re having to run up and down and it’s a lot,” she said. “Especially the food — it’s not really food they’re liking. Moms are doing all they can right now.”

You’re going in the Mom Hall Of Fame if you’re on this train with more than one kid. Kids are the absolute worst. Not babies or young kids. I’m talking 8-12 years old. The sweetspot for being a total jag off in confined spaces. And if any of them are on this train it would make the experience that much more terrible.

Bigby also said some people don’t have good cell phone reception in the area where the train is stuck, and haven’t been able to easily contact their family.

contact their family / stream porn

Another passenger, Rebekah Dodson, said train staff have remained “great, very professional” and morale among passengers has been good. “We have to put wash clothes together to make diapers for a couple of the kids on the train,” Dodson said. “We got together and got some feminine products together because several people had run out already.”

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“We can’t get off the train because there’s four feet of snow in every direction,” she told the news station. “There’s nowhere to go.”

Next time fly Southwest. Don’t make me explain why.