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Best of the Best GTA Week 9 - Voting Now Open

4 Time Defending Champion: Leanna Bartlett:

Challenger from Chicago Barstool – Galinka Mirgaeva

Click here for her complete gallery

Welp here we are again folks. Its Friday afternoon and Leanna Bartlett is still the Ass Champion of the World. But Galinka’s ass can go cheek to cheek with any ass in the galaxy. Can she knock off the champ? If this was Leanna’s first rodeo I’d say Galinka could potentially take her out. But Stoolies are now looking at Leanna as a 4 time champ. If Jess Green and Charlie Sweets GIFs couldn’t knock her off, are they gonna let Galinka be the one to dethrone her? I just don’t know. Tough to get inside the minds of a bunch of grown men during an ass election. Only one way to find out.

Time to vote

Vote 1 for the Champ Leanna Bartlett Vote 10 for the Challenger Galinka Mirageva (remember, 5.5 is actually half way because you can’t vote 0)

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