Troy Tulowitzki Staring Into the Blue Jays Dugout And Screaming After Hitting a February Spring Training Home Run Is So Outrageous I Have To Respect It

It’s a Monday afternoon and we have a little Yankees spring training baseball. Listen, we’re not putting much value into really anything here. Just don’t get hurt and we’re fine moving into the regular season. I mean it’s February and pitchers are pretty much just throwing fastballs at this point as they get back in the swing of things. Tulo doesn’t care.  This is the World Series for him. I mean Tulo staring right into the Blue Jays dugout, the team that just cut him and is paying him $20 million to not play for them, and cursing them off as he rounds the bases is so outrageous I have to love it. Every ground ball hit to him he’s firing over to first 400 mph. Players are thinking about their late afternoon tee time right now and Tulo is out for blood. What a monster. I’m all in on this lunatic bringing that fire everyday.