"Shut The Fuck Up And Go Do Your Goddamn Job" - Dennis Rodman Just Stuffed Joel Embiid In A Locker For His GOAT Take

Bravo Dennis, I couldn’t agree more. In case you don’t know what this is referencing, last week Joel Embiid came out and said that MJ wasn’t his GOAT, that instead it was Wilt. Not all that surprising that a big man went with an all time great big man, and I won’t get into whether or not he’s right (he isn’t), I’m just here to celebrate Dennis Rodman shoving him in a locker and hitting him with some truths. Now Embiid isn’t afraid to trash talk anyone, that’s sort of his thing, but I feel like even he’s smart enough to know not to mess with Rodman. I don’t care how old he is, Dennis Rodman will always be on my “do not fuck with” list and he has the body of work to support that.

And sure, maybe he took things a little too far at the beginning of his statement, but the rest of it was spot on. Embiid needs to worry less about who the GOAT is and more on ya know, not being completely terrible against every good team in the East. All the hype surrounding him as a player, what does he have to show for it?Maybe figure out how to finally beat the Celtics or something because if not Dennis Rodman is going to beat that ass if you keep slandering his close personal friend Michael Jordan like that.

What I’m waiting for is Embiid’s response. You know he can’t just sit there and let this live on the internet without a comment. That’s how how Joel Embiid works, and lord knows that would be wildly entertaining for the rest of us. When I woke up this morning I didn’t know I needed an Embiid vs Rodman beef, but here we are. It’s not as if Rodman hasn’t given Embiid plenty of material to work with, so now we just sit and wait for him to see this clip, bust out his phone and give us the goods. Don’t let us down Joel, do what you to best.

Honestly, one minute Dennis Rodman is saving the world from North Korea, then the next he’s back on American soil talking shit to Joel Embiid. There may not be a more interesting human on the entire planet when you really think about it and I could not be more supportive of asking Rodman his opinion on a wide variety of topics, they don’t even have to be sports related. When Rodman opens his mouth about anything it seems, it will always be must listen stuff.