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After A Losing Conspiracy Theory, These Are Must Winners

The YTD falls to 60-65-1 and I had such a good week personally this weekend but that stupid director catching steam ruined me. I don’t know how it caught this much steam from a kid from penn state and how his aunt is leaked the info because she is on the Academy. I am not mad at the rumor because if I can get this many people to believe my rumor, I would consider it a win.


Kansas State @ Kansas -5

Kansas is coming off of one of their worst losses in history. I felt bad watching the game and now they come back home and have to have a statement game. Bill Self I am not a fan of at all but I think he will have his guys ready tonight. I honestly always get fooled by the big Jay-hawk in the middle of the floor because to me that is intimidating as fuck. Kansas State play good defense but Kansas covers with ease.

Pick Kansas -5 

Notre Dame @ Florida State -12

Tonight is all about the comebacks. Florida State was absolutely embarrassed by UNC and I also took that game which was very upsetting. Florida State is a very good team and Notre Dame is so bad. I always bet on them because they have been good in the past but they have let me down every single time. When you lose by more then 20, the math always works out that this will win by 20.

Pick Florida State -12

Positive vibes and we need to ride a hot streak. Lets all come together and win. To the fucking moon.