Confession: I Teared Up During An Eric Church Concert Because I'm Soft And It's Okay To Cry

A little bit of confession time. I went to the Eric Church concert Friday night in Cincinnati. Big Eric Church fan, I’ve seen him a handful of times now. Puts on an awesome show, I highly suggest seeing him live if you like him just a little bit.

But, if you’re soft like me, you may tear up. Hand up, I cried. I cried during the song above – ‘Sinners Like Me.’ And you know what?


It gets me every time. I never thought I’d weep in public though – until I see Kentucky win the SEC in football or the Orioles win a World Series. I’m a crier though. Not full on weeping, but I tear up easily. Maybe it’s me getting old or just having a gigantic heart. That’s what I’m going with.

And you know what I’m okay with it. Now, what causes me to tear up during this song. It’s this part of the lyrics:

Now me and my brother go to see him some times
But he don’t have much to say anymore
So we sit on his headstone with a fifth of Jack D.
Here’s to a long line of sinners like me
La de dah de dah
La de dah dah de de
I come from a long line of sinners like me

My mama had a soft spot for a hell raisin’ boy
So she had two more just like him
It takes an angel to raise a family
That comes from a long line of sinners like me

I have a brother. I have a mother. My grandfather on my mother’s side passed away nearly 15 years ago. So maybe it’s all that, maybe it was the alcohol, I don’t know. But, I sat there in section 104 Row T and had tears in my eyes. Not to worry though I played it off by scratching my nose as if it was normal.

But it got me thinking, when is it okay to tear up? I’m not talking full on crying, but you get some tears, nothing really streaming down the face or anything. One quick wipe with your hands clear the eyes out.

I know there are others out there that have cried during a concert or a show, so let me know when you did. We’re in the trust tree here, we don’t have to lie.